A brand new science show aimed at primary school-aged children, incorporating storytelling, puppetry and music. The team that brought you Science Adventures (2018) brings you a brand new show with completely new characters and three fantastic new stories! For ages 5+

An evening of short films from and about St Day including: footage from the Old Church’s history; animations made by the Day-Light Group with local community groups and the school; events from St Day and films made by local artists. An opportunity to help shape future film nights and vote for the next film screening.

A day of music for all ages showcasing local bands and celebrating the Old Church project, the wonderful acoustics of the venue and the beginning of establishing it as a prime music venue in West Cornwall. A bar and food will be available.

A solo storytelling performance for adult. A retelling of the classic greek myth incorporating on stage looping and soundscape, animation, mapped projection and live streaming. Ages 14+.

Whole is a solo show about two people, one of them is on stage the other isn’t. In some parts of the world people believe that twins share a soul, so how can you be a twin alone? It is a brutal wander through the shadows of a bluebell wood at dusk, a map of a life written across two bodies. A dive into the depths of what happens when you lose part of yourself. It is a raw, tender, messy love story, a wound splashed in whiskey and haunted by ghosts. 


Storytelling for all the family. Come in, come in, take a seat, make yourself at home… and prepare yourself for a spooky show of terrible tales, scary stories and gruesome goings-on!

Get ready for a fantastical show to warm the heart and bring joy to people young and old alike. Join our hero Toral on the adventure of a lifetime as she swims uncrossable rivers, braves impassable forests and scales unclimbable mountains, all to fight a great and terrible dragon.

Performed by the delightfully talented Niall Moorjani and Minnie Wilkinson, this story proves that heroes can come from anywhere and villains aren’t always what they seem.